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Weekly // Thursdays, 10:30-11:30am PST
Hosted by Kara Adams

This weekly "empower hour" hosted by the acclaimed author/speaker/marketing whiz has a single, all-embracing mission: Eagerly encouraging its audience to persevere, no matter what painful ordeal they may be enduring. Adams' 2018 book, Hidden Treasures: 5 Steps to Transformational Self-Love, is the lift-off point for her exploration of compelling personal stories filled with a wide range of experiences in which listeners can see themselves and learn from. She prides herself in giving voice to ordinary people who have survived extraordinary circumstances, secure in the knowledge that life's richest fortunes often aren't financial in nature. "Hidden Treasure Moments" provides optimism and positivity in a world too often filled with fear and cynicism.

Website: KaraAdams.com
Facebook: facebook.com/lovehiddentreasure
Instagram: @hdntreasure

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